Services offered

The engineering consulting firm Assaini' Sol proposes you several services:

The new rules of town plannings oblige you since March, 2012, to obtain the favorable opinion of Spanc for the purification, before putting depositing the building permit. To save time on the instruction of your file with Spanc, you can call on to me for the realization of a test of permeability if your ground is clayey, to indicate on your demand of purification the length of drains adapted to your ground, or then the realization of a complete study, which will allow you to save time during the instruction of your demand for the SPANC (Syndicat des Eaux most of the time in Charente-Maritime) and to benefit from the ten-year assurance on the recommended sector.

- Study of definition of sector:

This study is constituted by several stages, taking place on the ground and to the office of the company.

- Preparation of the file: realization of the map IGN(NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC INSTITUTE), Search for Geological data of the plot of land, Study of the risk of ascent of tablecloths...

- Study ground: soundings mechanic shovel (realized by the customer or an external company. Rent of the optional shovel, or chargeable to the customer), Soundings in the auger with hand, Realization of tests of permeability and/or tries of infiltration, Study of the environment of the plot of land (trees, swimming pool, well)...

- Writing of the report: presentation of the project and its location, Recommendation of a sector, Technical requirements, Advises, Mass plan A3 with setting-up.

The prescription of the sector is supervised by a ten-year assurance



- Tests of permeability or tries of infiltration:


To confirm the choice of a sector:

This is to realize only tests of permeability of the ground, on-surface or in-depth, confirm the choice of a system. On no account, he is made by prescription of sector by the engineering consulting firm. These tests are generally asked by the SPANC (service asked to give the opinion to the project of purification proposed by the customer), to verify the capacity of the ground to infiltrate or not handled waters. The results of these tests, can sometimes result in the realization of a study of definition of sector (in the case for example or the customer would have made a request with the SPANC for trenches of infiltration - sector requiring a good permeability of the on-surface ground - and that the results of the tests show a ground

To prove the future of handled waters got out of it from an approved sector:

You wish to set up an approved sector, a compact filter or a micro-station? You have already chosen the model? 

To put down a complete file of request of purification and avoid having to realize a study of definition of complete sector, you have to prove the destination of handled waters. The rejection in superficial environment has to remain exceptional, and if the ground is unfit of the infiltration. For celà, it is necessary to realize tests of permeability and if need to size the surface of necessary infiltration.


- Technical Advises:


Assaini' Sol suggests you free of charge helping you fill your request of installation of a purification by telephone. For celà, it will be necessary to communicate me some information (available surface for the purification, the presence of well and level of the tablecloth, the type of ground (rather clayey, sandy or rather limestone).


- Maintenance of the devices of purification:


A well maintained purification has an increased life cycle. The préfitre of the pit any waters, the pumps of lifting, tubs spot removers and the looks of the systems require a regular cleaning, every 6 months for a main home. 

This maintenance is not boring, but to intervene on waste water, is not always pleasant. 

I thus suggest you realizing this maintenance on your place. 

Without commitment, and with one or two visits a year in the choice.

Detail of the service:

- Measure of the level of muds in the pit (AVOID USELESS DRAININGS)

- Inspection and cleaning of the looks, the tub spot remover, prefilters, pipes, pump … (Require the provision of a water jet by the owner)

- Advises

Watch out, the visit does not include draining. This operation that must be made by an approved body.


The realization of estimate is free and very fast.

The reports of studies are established in respect for the specifications of the SPANC.

Assaini' Sol is ahérent in the charter of engineering consulting firms in Charente-Maritime, and member of the SYNABA, Syndicat National des Bureau d'Etudes en Assainissement

The office is situated to Gémozac 17260, 11 avenue of Victoire.

Intervention on all the department of Charente-Maritime (and other according to demands).

Last edited: 24/09/2021