References of the entrepreneur

The Board of Studies Assaini'Sol does not use employee.

I hold a tray Science and Technology Laboratory (STL), biochemistry, bioengineering option (2003).

I then made a BTS Water Professions (2003-2005), alternately. I realized my learning Générale des Eaux Southwest (Currently Veolia) service Assainissement Non Collectif, or I realized the diagnosis of existing sanitation systems, and control of new remediation.

Following my BTS, I did several jobs in SPANCS, always as a technician sewerage. I turned in 2008 to the offices. Following a redundancy in September 2009, I decided to open my department.

Assaini'Sol was born in April 2010, and since then, I suggest you all my knowledge to give you a lasting solution for your project.

References Sanitation No Collective (Assainissement Non Collectif):
         - More than 350 studies conducted ANC,
         - More than 1,200 diagnoses of existing facilities,
         - More than 800 inspections of new installations.
         - Desktop computer with 22 inch screen,
         - 17-inch Laptop,
         - CAD Software ZWCAD,
         - A3 Multifunction Printer Brother
         - Fax,
         - Auger EDELMANN diam. 7 cm
         - Auger EDELMANN diam. 15 cm
         - 2 permeameters constant load
         - Water tank 600 L,
         - Camera,
         - Small tools (pickaxe, crowbar ...)
         - Vehicle.

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